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Following feedback and discussion with various sections of the club we recently introduced a trial to allow a ‘pull trollies only’ option.

This is a further layer in course protection measures, it will delay a full trolley ban being brought in and result in it being removed quicker should the need arise for a full ban.

The benefits this option could provide to the course compared to electric trolley use which are being assessed are:-

The removal of damage from spinning electric wheels.

Reduction and spreading of load, this is due to the removal of the small 3rd wheel which takes a lot of weight in an electric set up. Alongside the fact that people tend to reduce bag size/weight when pulling or pushing as opposed to using battery power.

Initial feedback to this trial has been extremely positive, initial impact of the trial on the course condition are all so good. A full review of the clubs Buggy/Trolley policy is currently underway once complete it will be communicated to ensure consistency and clear reasons behind levels of restrictions.

Let’s hope all the restrictions are soon removed for this year and we can concentrate on reaching for the sun cream and hat!