WGC Presentation  2

Immediate Past Captains Graham Woodfine and Pat Dowsett would like to thank all those who supported their fund raising efforts for The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, this year’s club charity. The sum of £30,214 was a fantastic tribute to the generosity of the membership. Graham & Pat recently presented a cheque to Ashleigh Tennent from the Hospice who was genuinely taken aback by the amount raised. She asked if we would pass on the Hospices’ gratitude to all for this outstanding collective effort.

Richard Tear and his daughter Emma and son in-law Russell Acton once again ran The Club’s Corporate Charity Day in the summer. This alone raised £7,000 for the Hospice, £4,000 for Help for Heroes and £10,000 for the Club’s Scholarship Fund. The Ladies Section on their own raised £7,650 for the Club’s Charity and further supported The Junior’s Scholarship Fund with a £900 donation. Chris Dalton also rode his bike to Paris and raised £1,250 for the Hospice. Many others made personal and sectional donations in one form or another to both the Charity and the Scholarship Fund and Graham and Pat were most appreciative of their support. This meant over the past year we as a club raised over £48,000 for these causes which reflects the generosity and spirit of the club.

Thank you