TrackMan Yardage Analysis Session

Just a reminder that  in order to take advantage of  Ben Ross’s reduced trackman yardage session you need to book in with Ben this week.

Based on Doppler radar, TrackMan is a technology that allows us to measure, in realtime, what the golf club and golf ball are doing in time and 3 dimensional space. When a golfer hits a shot, TrackMan generates a unique data set – 21 specific measurements that accurately identify the impact and ball flight conditions for that shot. All clubface, swing and ball-flight data – from club-speed and hang-time to shot dispersion – are measured and recorded for illustrative and comparative purposes. TrackMan is the first of its kind to measure the complete path of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives, pinpointing a golf ball’s landing position to within 1 foot for every 100 yards of travel

Please contact Ben by email or mobile 07778 517659.  Ben is happy to take bookings for the following week if there are no suitable times next week.