Dear Members


As you are probably aware Trish and Dave have decided to step down this year from running the Windlesham mixed pairs competitions and both Myself and Angela have stepped up to help run things during 2014. I’m sure we would all like to thank both Trish and Dave for all their hard work over the past few years.


As you all know we are very competitive and will do our best this year to put together teams that will not only play well together but also have a chance of winning a few more matches during the season. I would also like to get a few more couples from the club or friends that would like to play as a couple in order to put the best team that we can out on the day, we have both a strong Men’s and Ladies section within our club so your support over the next year would be very welcome.


I have allowed for 16 pairs to be put on the list for each match and will choose the required number of pairs from the list with 2no sets of reserves just in case some of the team have to pull out. I would like to say that if you put your name down please make sure that you are available so I can put the team selection together with the confidence that we can all play on that day.


These competitions are open to all members of the club and your handicap  will not determine the team selection, We have had the privilege of playing with most of the couples within the club and as I said before our Men’s and ladies sections are all strong in different ways.


Both myself and Angela are looking forward to taking on this role and to getting to know you all slightly better, we hope you can support the club matches and make it not only fun but give some of these other clubs a run for their money.


If you have any query’s regarding the team selections or would like some input into how we make this a fun competition for all I can be contacted on


Many Thanks for taking the time to read this information and we look forward to seeing you in the coming months



Kind Regards


Carl & Angela

Please note that you can sign up for mixed matches either via handicap master online or on any of the touhscreens or via the mixed noticboard which is located under the stairs just inside the golfers entrance of the clubhouse.