CONGU have advised of a number of changes effective 1st January 2014. Below is a summary of the key points:



1)    The handicap year will run from the 1st March through the 28th February rather than the existing calendar year.


2)    The terms active and inactive will no longer be used. These will be replaced with the terms competition and non-competition. As with the existing process, to retain a competition handicap, a player will need to play in 3 qualifying competitions in the handicap year. The supplementary score procedure can also be used if necessary.


3)    Category 2, 3, 4 and 5 players can continue to submit up to a maximum of 10 supplementary scores per handicap year.


4)    Category 1 players will only be allowed to use the supplementary score procedure to regain/retain a competition handicap.


5)    A category 1 player with a non-competition handicap on the 1st March can submit a maximum of 3 supplementary scores to regain a competition handicap.


6)    A category 1 player with a competition handicap on the 1st March will not be allowed to return a supplementary score until the 1st September, and then only as many as are required to retain a competition handicap.



When the Handicap Master software is updated, the ‘i’ annotation will be removed as the suffix for inactive handicaps and the ‘c’ annotation will be introduced as the suffix for competition handicaps.


Full detains of the CONGU changes can be found on their website or through the following link:




Handicap Secretary