Greens is back for the month of October. Since the last update there has been lots goings on both out on the course and within the club. A successful Captains’ Drive In was preceded by the Club AGM. I would like to wish both the Club and Ladies Captain the very best for their year and very much look forward to working with you both over the months ahead.  

The number of unrepaired pitch marks on the greens has increased dramatically. Please remember to repair your pitch marks and any others you see. It is for the benefit of you and all other members. It is also a requirement within the rules of golf in the Etiquette section and you can be disqualified under rule 33-7. So please look after the course and respect others by repairing pitch marks and raking bunkers. The correct way to repair a pitch mark is explained on the column to the right.

I often talk about the weather, we have been in a period of humid warm conditions with extremely heavy dew formulations daily. This results in two problems for us. Firstly the disease pressure is extremely high and although we are not untouched, we have managed to keep any outbreak to a level which has not affected ball roll at present. We have had to use extra fungicide applications to achieve this. The 2nd issue is that we do really struggle to get a clean dry cut and as such some grass clippings have been sticking to the balls in the closely mown areas I have therefore introduced Preferred Lies.

I am extremely pleased & proud with how the course has preformed during the summer of 2013. Full credit must go to whole greenkeeping team whose hard work, dedication and drive to deliver top daily conditions since my arrival have given us the course we have today.

 Alastair Higgs, Course Manager

Windlesham CG protect our greens


Click on the image to download the ‘Protect our Greens Notice


During September we commenced works on the 14th hole to remove vegetation from within the water hazard on the left hand side. This work took the team 2½ days to complete. The hole was closed for a short period but we now have a much better looking hole and the option to use the back left pin position! Air movement will also increase across all the surfaces which will improve plant health.


Other projects the team have been completing during the last 2 months has been finishing work around the new clubhouse with new beds being installed along the front of the building and around the car park.

Looking forward to the winter period; the idea this year is to minimise disruption to the course as much as possible. We will be completing some works and these will be confirmed and communicated shortly.

We did complete some renovation work around a number of bunkers to enable the turf to establish before winter, which went very well and some of the traffic control around these has now been removed.


The weather has started to turn now and I feel summer has gone again for this year. Preferred Lies are now in place. Removal of the white tee markers will take place as soon as growth an d recovery levels subside. I expect this to be sometime towards the end of October.

All surfaces have been treated with Sulphur and an application of worm suppressant to discourage casting worms. This has worked well but some areas have had to have a 2nd application and will be closely monitored to ensure that any additional applications can be applied immediately. All fairways will be aerated during the week commencing 14th October to ensure water movement down to the drain network throughout the winter.

traffic control measures

After this the very successful traffic control systems will go out on to the course to protect the key areas. Following feedback from last year we have changed the colour of the rope to white for this year. I know these systems can be a little frustrating but they really did make a difference in playing surface quality and ensure that we did not need to use a trolley ban at any point last winter.