Richard Tea & Alison Lavis

Richard Tea & Alison Lavis

Time has simply flown by over the last couple of months with the very good weather providing us with many opportunities to play golf.

The clubhouse extensions are now pretty much finished including the new balcony and the general consensus is that the scheme is a very good one and some of the concerns such as losing part of the patio have proved not to be true.

Our greens, following the work carried out by Alistair and his team earlier in the year have improved out of all recognition. The recent August course maintenance week will improve them even more and we can look forward to even better greens in the future. The fairways have also been worked upon and will only improve to as will the approaches to the Greens. The rough has also been a lot better this year and further work is going on, to impoverish those areas where the grass is still growing too strongly.

Competitions at the club and with other clubs have been extremely well supported this season and we must all thank those people both who captain our teams and who make all the arrangements behind the events for the commitment and hard work they have all put in the summer. We still need more support and players for these events so please put your name down if you see a list up on the notice board.

The club continues to be well represented by its members in many competitions and whilst it will be rude to single out individuals, you can’t help but want to mention Lynne Lambert’s and Victoria Westgarth’s recent win in the Australian Spoons National Final and the very great effort made by Karen and Geoff Rankin to get so far in the Bader Cup. Our juniors go from strength to strength in competitions, especially the Christie Cup and individually one of them Jordan Ward came third in the Oceanico World Kids Golf Tournament held on the Nick Faldo course in the Algarve.

The clubs social golfing events continue to be extremely well supported with large turnouts. Upcoming social events include the return of Rod’s Singers at the end of this month, the posters are up, booking in the Pro Shop, when this event was last held over 140 members attended so please make sure you don’t leave booking for this event too late. Later in the year will see the return of another popular group, that of Billy and the Bandits. Will this be their final appearance, we’re not sure but in any case it’s not to be missed. Also later in the year will be another of Rod Rigby’s very popular quizzes. Please look out for the poster and book in the pro shop. On the subject of Rod, he took a group of us around Sandhurst College this week a visit that was enjoyed by all who attended.


On the Charity front following a very successful Captains’ Charity Day we also held a Corporate Charity Day for the first time. Between these two events we raised an enormous amount of money and we can’t thank you enough for your generosity on these occasions, especially during the auctions so ably led by Alan Macdonald. Graham Robertson continues to progress the Windlesham golf club foundation and is chasing the taxman so that we can get gift aid relief. It would be extremely wrong of us not to mention the huge amount of support that we get from the management company and also from the pro school who gave their time so generously.

The ladies section have had a very busy summer  and are currently promoting a new event which is the Windlesham signature ladies open. Please give this event as much support as you can ladies, as we all would like it to be a great success in its inaugural year.

The AGM is starting to loom even closer and will happen on 30th. September. We would be enormously grateful if as many of you attend as you can, as this is a very important part of the club’s calendar (free drinks and nibbles). Notices will be put up for the AGM in the near future. There are some further tweaks to the wording of our rules to be voted upon but the overall shape of the Constitution will remain the same. Also at the AGM we will vote in our new captains and also two new members of the committee. It sees the end of our formal year as captains, a year that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed thanks in most part to the kindness and positivity of the vast majority of the members.

Shortly after, in early October, is the new Captains Drive In and with one putt, hopefully, we will retire into the position of past captains, something that both Jim and Carole, we hope are looking forward to.