Richard Tear webAfter the hugely successful New Year’s Eve event at the Club, January started very flat not least because the weather prevented us from getting out on the course and when we could it was cold, wet or miserable. Alastair and the boys have done a sterling job in keeping the course open as they have, and the wisdom of putting out the ropes and posts has paid off by keeping the approaches in good condition.

No Committee meeting in January but lots of behind the scenes work by the Social Committee who enjoyed a cjange of venue, meeting at the Windmill. Not least amongst their deliberations was the question of the Summer Ball, of which more later.

A visit to Sandhurst College has been arranged by Rod Rigby, date to be advised later but likely to be in mid-summer. The visit for up to 30 members includes a guided tour of between 90 minutes and 2 hours in which we’ll be taken around the prestigious rooms in the Old College not normally open to the public including the famous Academy Chapel. Light refreshments will be served and we, the Club, will make a small charge of £20 for this visit for Club Charity Funds. More details and a sign-up sheet, when the College confirm the date.

The Men’s Golf Committee met to deliberate firstly their Constitution and Rules and thereafter what needs to be done to promote and develop Men’s golf at the Club. One of their principal duties in January was to carry out a men’s handicap review, led by the handicap secretary Mick Archbold.

Sadly we learned of Peter Embleton’s decision to stand down as Tiger’s Captain. Thanks so much Peter for carrying this burden for so many years so well. Not only will he be sorely missed, unless we can find a new Tiger’s Captain before long and indeed a larger pool of players we may regretfully be forced to withdraw this team. The Captain’s role does not necessarily have to be a playing one but could just involve organising the fixtures with the other clubs and rounding up the teams. I’m sure that there are a lot of you out there with organisational skills both old and new members who could help out here. Volunteers to the email address below please.

On the subject of New Members, there is another Welcome event on Sunday 17th of February and this is just what it says on the can, an opportunity for all of us old members and new to play nine holes and get to know each other. We would very much like more established members to join in, so please sign up with Scott in the Pro Shop. Further Welcome events will happen throughout the year, please check your Diary/Fixture list. There will be a special event on April 14th the last day of the Masters so please look out for this.

January brings the annual presentation of Scholarships which we the Club contribute towards both from the Club as a whole and also an additional girls scholarship sponsorship from the Ladies Section.

wgcJunior presentation 1Funds are always needed and any more donations or sponsorships no matter how small will be gratefully received. This year saw a visit from our local M.P. Michael Gove, many thanks Michael and as this is covered at length elsewhere, I’d rather report on the support we as a club give this programme. Whilst it would be wrong to over focus on individuals, the work that Paul Carter does must not go unrecognised, Paul being our Junior Organiser. Support also arrives from Penny Wilmore, former Captain and former Junior’s organiser Robert (Bob) Turpie, now Chairman of the Junior League and from Evelyn Somerville, former Ladies Captain and Committee member a stalwart supporter of Girls Junior Golf. Many others also help behind the scenes but are too numerous to mention here.


Personal golf was restricted to Helen Mattacks and me being beaten in the Mixed Winter pairs by Barry Selman and fast improving Junior Vicky Patel. A nice game, thank you both very much.

Social Golf was represented by the Calcutta Cup resulting in a win for England both on the course and the Pitch. I can’t help but have a sneaking suspicion that the absence of such stalwarts as Danny McNulty and Bob Turpie may have had something to do with this.

The February Committee meeting took place in various parts of the Club and a full Agenda was dealt with despite the disruption.

Amongst items discussed on your behalf were:-

Improving communication, works on the course, mixed golf events organisation, diary commitments and terms and conditions for events. We have asked these to be put on the website as not all members know that there is amongst other conditions a cancellation clause that should be born in mind.

The Management Company Report largely consisted of Alistair highlighting the changes being made and the work in progress. A full overview is available in February’s Edition of [Greens].

There is far too much going on for me to add anything  about the course, except that a great deal of thought, debate and discussion goes on involving the Professional management of the Club, the Professionals themselves, Alastair and his team of course and lastly ourselves before any changes are proposed or carried out. I know that it may not seem to all of you that every change made is one that you would have proposed or necessarily approve of, however they are all made with the intention of improving the golfing experience across the board for all members and I’m sure once we have become accustomed to them, we will embrace them.

Still slightly on the same subject, safety on the course is very much in focus at this time and I think the following needs to be said. consciously hitting balls down adjacent fairways where other golfers may be present is a foolhardy and dangerous thing to do and the absence of any out-of-bounds posts will not absolve any golfer from blame if an injury occurs as a result of doing this. Whilst the question of out-of-bounds is constantly under review as are many other playing matters we can by behaving sensibly, greatly reduce any potential hazard to another golfer.

Ably steered by our Treasurer, Graham Robertson, our application for Charitable Status for the funds we raise for good causes continues at pace and despite the vicissitudes of the Commission website we hope to have completed our registration in the near future.

We were without Anne Cowan for this month’s meeting as she sadly had to step down owing to Tony’s continued ill-health, Thanks so much for all you’ve done. Her place as Ladies Vice Captain has been taken by Pat Dowsett, for which grateful thanks from us all Pat.

Lastly and not least, we have already had many helpful suggestions please keep them coming to the email address below.

Richard Tear