Winners Tony Evans and Scott Patience (Eric Zinn and Andrew Douglas had to go) and Runners Up Ian Thomas, Margaret Deery and Bob Findlay with Captain Richard Tear

24 Old and New Members ventured out on Sunday afternoon in miserable conditions but in despite of the weather the scoring was excellent. The team of Tony Evans, Eric Zinn, Andrew Douglas and Scott Patience pinched a 0.1 shot victory in the Texas Scramble format from Bob Findlay, Margaret Deery and Ian Thomas. Margaret was playing her first ever game in any kind of competition or mixed event but calmed her nerves to lead her team to second place. This was followed by a very nice Chicken dish prepared by Steve our Chef.

These events are an informal and social way for new members to intergrate into the club and run every month. The next event is Sunday 11th November from 1pm. Please contact Scott on email if you would like to play.