Monday 13th August, Front 9 Holes Open from 7am

Tuesday 14th August, Front 9 Holes Open from 9am due to scarifying & over seeding the greens

Wednesday 15th August, Back 9 Holes from 7am

Thursday 16th August, Back 9 Holes from 7am

Friday 17th August, 18 Holes Weather permitting from 7 am

Saturday and Sunday Normal Play


The greens have really come on during the first 7 months of 2012, due to a shift in the maintenance regime, both cultural and chemical practice have been considerably adapted. We have started to improve some of the inherent problems of large thatch layer and black layer. With a heavily compacted soil profile below root depth not exceeding 1”. The surfaces were also very spongy and often dried out during the summer months. The hollow coring and monthly aeration program has helped to remove some of the built up thatch layer and break through the hard pan layer and the roots are already moving in the right direction. We will however need to ongoing work to continue these improvements. 

With this in mind, the surfaces will be deep scarified to a depth of 20mm on the Tuesday, this will again remove a large amount of the built up organic material, commonly referred to as thatch. This work will be followed with over-seeding of the desired grass species Agrostis tenuis (Brown top bent) and top-dressing with 100% sand to continue to dilute the thatch layer. We will follow this work with a series of folia feeds to aid recovery. Disruption to the surface will be kept to a minimum keeping a reasonable roll on the ball.


We do not box off our clippings when we cut the fairways and as a result a fibrous layer has developed. We will be scarifying and collecting on every fairway throughout the week which is a big task. This work will result in more consistent playing surfaces and create an environment for the desired grass species to flourish. All works to the fairways will be undertaken on the holes which will be closed for golf.

Tee & Green Surrounds

During the week the surfaces will be aerated to a depth of 4” using a large star tine for maximum effect under the ground with minimal effect to the playing surfaces. This work will help elevate the compaction of the high intensity mowing and traffic from the golf so far this year.  

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Best wishes