We are currently receiving many positive comments regarding the general presentation and quality of the course; specifically relating to the visual impact and also the quality of the tees, fairways, approaches and greens.

Since Alastair Higgs’ appointment as Course Manager we have considerably upgraded the course maintenance programme and this has led to a number of efficiency gains and a general improvement in the overall quality of the course set-up. The team has also developed under Alastair’s management and we now have a more qualified team of professionals who have a much broader skill set.

We have also made considerable investment in an entire new fleet of equipment and all these developments are a key part of our commitment and vision for Windlesham Golf Club to be a premier facility.

Rough Management

For a number of years now we have been developing our strategy to improve the definition, playability and aesthetics around the course and this has included a plan to improve our rough management. Our vision is to enhance the playability and also the visual definition with wispy areas of longer rough in the areas outside of the general play to frame and enhance the aesthetics of each hole.

The wispy long rough will improve the visual impact of the course whilst at the same time providing an opportunity to find the ball if an errant shot is played. This vision will take time and requires an intensive program of cutting and collecting the rough. This cut and collect process reduces the nutrients returned to the soil which in turn produces the finer, wispier grass species and there are examples of this already in some areas on the course.

We want to provide a fair test of golf for golfers of all abilities and this will be achieved with a strategic cutting programme that recognises different playing abilities. We also want to develop a strategy that provides a risk and reward approach and this will enhance the enjoyment for our members and guests.

Our commitment to provide an aesthetically appealing golf course is displayed within our obsessive approach towards attention to detail and this is built within a professional course programme to ensure that every single area of our course is managed effectively.

Current Course Conditions

This summer has been particularly difficult with prolonged wet weather and there are many areas of very dense, lush grass as a result. This has led to some feedback from our members about the longer rough, which is often viewed as too penal.

Our vision to improve the rough management remains in place however as a result of this year’s difficulties, we now recognise the need to accelerate the programme in order to achieve our desired result faster.

Previously the cut and collect programme has been carried out by external contractors and this has only enabled a limited number of areas to be picked off, and this has only been performed once per year.

As part of our commitment to speed up the vision for the course we are now pleased to confirm that the Management Company have now released further investment to purchase a new Amazone unit outright and this will enable us to progress our cut and collect programme at a much faster pace.

Immediately after the Pro-am at the beginning of August we will start a full cut and collect programme across all our sections of long rough, starting with the priority areas. The purchase of this new unit will then allow us to increase the intensity of the cut and collect programme and will also enable us to micro manage key areas around the course.

Course Management

As the course continues to evolve, so will the way that you play the course!

Course Management is a key factor in playing any course and the golf course is a living, changing environment. As such we must all change our game, club selection and choice of shot to suit the prevailing conditions. This is a fundamental factor of golf and this year’s testing weather conditions have accentuated this.

We will endeavour to keep you fully informed on all developments and as ever we value your feedback on areas of our operation.