The rain over the past seven days has been extremely hard on the course. We have had a total of 64.6mm of rainfall in 7 days and to put this in to perspective last year we had 3mm in the whole of April.

As a result some areas of the course (mainly fairways and  areas of the rough) are extremely wet and after the heavy downpours some standing water has been present. As a result we have been unable to safely cut the fairways and roughs at the end of the week. We will off cause get back on top of these areas as soon as it is safe to do so next week.

 For the same reason a Buggy ban is in place, firstly for operator safety and also to avoid damage to the surfaces. Hard work from the green staff has resulted in the greens remaining playable all week and as a result the course has remained open throughout, when many other courses around have had to close. We have managed to cut the greens a couple of times and today got around the tee’s and some green surrounds. Greens will be cut both days over the weekend for the competitions but due to the expected continued heavy showers we have taken the decision to make all Bunkers GUR for the duration of the weekend and we have re-introduced prefered lies.

Thanks for your support and wish you a happy golfing weekend.

Alastair Higgs, Course Manager