35 New Members braved hail and torrential rain to play in a (fun) welcome 9 holes Texas Scramble, today. It all turned out well in the end as the Sun came out and the scores too match. They were then all warmed up by Steve’s Beef Stew and some rather nice Chocolate Cake.

 The Winning score for the second month running, was won without the team having to use any of their shots. 34 for the front 9, posting a very impressive nett 31.4. Not bad considering they were out in the worst of the conditions.Richard Tear then took great pleasure in presenting second place to his wife Carol, she pipped his team by .2 of a shot! 

Winners Richard Pimbley, Dion Taylor & Karen Rankin with Richard Tear


Winners  Richard Pimbley, Dion Taylor & Karen Rankin 31.4

 Runners up   Richard Battle, Carole Tear, John Belchier & Diana Comber 34.05