As a father myself we are all keen to get our kids into Golf and to hopefully play their whole life – especially at Windlesham!

But how can we get them into it, keep them in and make them better? Well here are some helpful tips to achieve this:

Get them into our Junior Programme! – learning the fundamentals of golf early is crucial to long term progression. In my mind, they should all be able to hold and stand to the ball correctly as soon as possible. After this things can fall into place. The programmes we offer are fun and have the right amount of Coaching.

Don’t have Lessons too soon! – Having lessons too early can be not ideal. Approximately 5 years old is the right time depending on their attention and ability to concentrate. If the child has too much instruction and interference early it will put them off for life. We can help you to assess whether your child is ready. Playing in the garden with the plastic clubs and balls is ideal up to the stage when they are ready.

Get them used to the whole experience – I think it’s important that the children know about the whole experience of golf from the practice ground to the course to the clubhouse. If they feel comfortable coming along and they know how it all comes together they will want to come along more and more.
If all they ever see is the range, they will lose interest and not really understand what it’s all about.

Get the equipment right – This is crucial as it dramatically effects the way the club is swung. Get advice from the Pro Shop or the Golf Academy to make sure the length and weight are suitable. Too heavy and long or too short and light will make a considerable difference.

Don’t teach them the swing yourself! – Let us take care of that! Try to install the basic stance and grip but that’s about it. We see lots of parents trying to get their children to keep a straight left arm, head still and swing slow all the time and it all installs too much restriction and poor movement. They will respond if they can figure a lot out themselves. If all they receive is swing commands it will put them off and they won’t enjoy it.

Get them to hit it hard! – Never ever say ‘swing slow!’ They need to learn early to be aggressive but balanced and get length to their shots. The body will move a lot better if the swing is firm and committed. They will enjoy giving it a whack and slowing them down will restrict their motion. Let them rip it! If they don’t have length off the tee it’ll seriously disadvantage them in the coming years.

Always keep it fun – Set little games and tasks for them to complete; involve putting in it as often as possible. Make it easy at first so it’s achievable and then change the difficulty slowly. They must realise it is a game for us to enjoy and not a swing examination! I give my little girl her bucket of balls and say ‘stand like this’ and then I let her get on with it. It may only last for 20 mins or so but then we hit to a bucket or a hole and then she’s had enough. I’d never keep her there for ages. I also make sure I practice at the same time as her so she can watch me. She will learn to copy if she sees what the swing looks like. Again she will learn a lot by letting herself discover it. Hopefully I hit some good ones whilst she’s watching! If you’d like to ideas on good games to play on the range or the putting green then please ask one of us at the Academy.

I hope these tips are helpful and you have fun implementing them with your child or grandchild. I think the conclusion is to not over teach at an early age and keep it fun and enjoyable.

If you’d like to found out more about junior coaching please do not hesitate to contact the Golf Academy and we’d be happy to help. Happy Easter!