Thank you to all the members that took the trouble to complete the recent booking arrangements survey. The results have given us a valuable insight to review the existing arrangements and look at ways in which we can improve your access and availability to enjoy your golf. Chris Jardine has sent a brief overview within his recent Captain’s Update and this communication is intended to expand upon those results whilst, at the same time giving you an indication of our plans to respond to your comments.

Summary & Conclusions

We are delighted with the response to our recent survey and this shows that our members are passionate about our Club and our philosophy for continual improvement.

During the initial review we concluded that we were catering for the majority of our members. This is encouraging and it was felt that the results did not present us with enough facts to make changes at this time without further information.

We are however, concerned that a significant number of members are unclear about the existing arrangements and they feel that they do not meet with their requirements.

Interestingly 28% of our members feel that we could improve the booking arrangements and we feel that further investigation is required to look at ways where we can improve these statistics.

Our approach has always been based around obsessive perfectionism and for us; 1 in 5 members feeling as though the existing arrangements do not meet their needs and with 1 in 4 stating that we could improve the booking system, this does not fit with an obsessive approach.

Whilst the immediate reaction was to defer any change, we do feel that there is a genuine requirement for a full review of the existing system in order to improve communication and develop a booking system that meets a larger proportion of our members’ needs.

We will ensure our approach for continual improvement is based around the views of our membership as a whole and we value your input on all service matters.

Your Views

Improving the access/booking arrangements to make it easier for you to enjoy your golf

27% of you felt that we could improve the access/booking arrangements. This is a significant number and we will look carefully at the comments to ensure that we respond to make it easier for you to enjoy your golf.

We will go through every response to see how we can improve the access/booking arrangements however these generally fell into 7 main areas:

Visibility of the Tee Sheet – The online booking system currently offers total transparency of our tee sheets and you can see both available times and times already booked. We will be organising some training sessions for the online services and we are more than happy to demonstrate the online facilities on a one to one basis with any member requiring assistance.

• Ability to Book in Advance – We are recognising a growing demand from members wishing to plan their golf in advance and we need to ensure that we respond to this demand whilst recognising that the existing ‘roll up and book in on the day’ also meets the needs of a significant body of our membership.

• Retain the Roll Up – We totally recognise that the existing ‘roll up’ concept is based around ensuring that Windlesham operates as a friendly, inclusive club and there is no intent or desire to change this philosophy.

It seems that if we provide a combination of ‘booking’ and ‘roll up’ time we can cater for 100% of our members’ needs. Clearly this will need to be managed effectively and a second survey will enable us to capture a snapshot of the required balance between bookings and roll up availability. Demand will then dictate these requirements and we can ensure that we keep this under continual review to ensure that we respond to our members’ needs.

• Ensure Member Priority – We are 100% committed to ensuring our members have priority at all times. As our membership grows we will adapt our booking arrangements to ensure that we respond to the changing needs of our members’ requirements. For example – increasing the number of members’ exclusive times.

• Improve the Booking/Online System – Our new system has presented us with some teething issues and we are working with the software developers to ensure that this system is stable and user friendly. Going forward we are looking to enhance the online services and we will be running a number of training sessions to assist our members in gaining the best benefit from our system(s).

• Clarity/Enforcement of the System – We recognise that we need to ensure that our members are clear about the system(s) in place and we need to ensure that we manage and communicate the systems to the membership. We will produce a working document to outline the tee booking arrangements and this will be posted online and will be displayed on the various notice boards.

• Improve Course Loading/Course Management – This is a common issue in most golf clubs and we are looking at various options to manage the course more effectively. Pace of Play Guidelines have been introduced and the Starter will enforce these when on duty. We are also exploring options to manage golfers’ expectations with the possibility of extended tee times to 10 minute intervals (at certain times). We will continue to encourage members to make up into 3 & 4 balls wherever possible at peak times to assist in the management of pace of play. We will also develop a policy for buffer zones during busy days and/or after golf days, matches and large competition fields.

In addition we will position a clock near to or on the 1st tee and this will assist us in managing the flow of golfers on to the course. In many instances golfers tee off ahead of or after their allotted time and this has a significant impact on the loading on the golf course.

We are now going over all the comments and a second survey will soon be distributed to ensure that we obtain further clarity about your golfing requirements. It seems as though there is a growing demand for more availability to pre-book either with a more balanced spread of availability and/or an increased number of advance booking opportunities. The survey will be designed to capture this requirement and this will give us greater detail to assess the need to review and change our existing systems based on your feedback.

We need clearer communication and management of the booking system as well as an appropriate pace and loading of the golf course, which is fundamental to us successfully improving your membership experience. We will be working hard to improve this with training on the online services, providing better information via the various club communications and by ensuring effective management of the golf course to avoid slow play and access frustrations.

Thank you again for your valued feedback and we will endeavour to communicate the forthcoming survey and any further review prior to making any changes to our Management systems.

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