October was a lovely month with excellent golfing weather and fine autumn colours developing on the trees around the course.  Shortly after returning fromMadeiraI played with the Highwaymen on a Thursday morning.  Teeing off just after 07:30 the sun was just a red glow rising behind Windlesham church.  Half way down the first fairway there was ice sticking to the spikes on my shoes, but by 09:30 it was beautiful.  I am not good at early starts.

 Out on the course there have been some changes.  The most noticeable, unsurprisingly, is the cutting and scarifying of the rough.  The removal of the cut and scarified matter will prevent it re-nutrifying the rough grass so the rough will become thinner and wispier over several years.  There are four new “To the next tee” signs which are solid oak and concreted into the ground.  They are immoveable obstructions and therefore relief from interference by them may be obtained under rule 24-2.  The other change which you may have noticed is that there has been some interesting cutting in and shaping of some fairways which gives the holes a more distinctive look.

 One thing which doesn’t seem to change is the perennial problem of slow play, especially during competitions.  After the Starter has seen everyone off the first tee he will be out on the course to check on the speed of play and encourage people to speed up where necessary.  If that happens to you please do your best to comply.  People sometimes object to being asked to speed up but don’t be rude to the Course Marshall – he is just doing his job.  For our part we should all try not to waste time, whether it is moving from green to the next tee, marking cards, preparing to play the next shot, or just walking down the fairway.

Something strange will happen in November.  Moustaches will begin to appear.  Executive Chef Stephane is a sponsor of Movember Europe, a registered charity which encourages the sprouting of moustaches on men’s faces around the world in November in order to raise funds and awareness for men’s health.  There will be several activities at the club including a Quiz Night and a Night Golf Event on Friday 25th November.  Funds raised will be shared with the Captains’ charity, Disability Challengers.  Do visit their web site at http://www.disability-challengers.org/ .

 Upcoming events include the first Men’s Annual Dinner, the Turkey Trot, and the Carols Evenings.  The Men’s Annual Dinner is on November 18th and features after dinner speaker Ian Irving.  Carols Evenings are on the 7th and 8th December with our inimitable Master of Ceremonies, Rod Parsons.  Hurry to the office if you wish to participate in these events.  The Turkey Trot is on Sunday 4th December and the sign-up sheet is posted on the notice board.  Do pray for good weather as I simply have not had the time to practice indoor games on a Wii !!

As I reported in last month’s update we will be conducting a survey to establish the tee time roll up and booking arrangements that would reflect the needs of members.  At the November Committee meeting we worked with WGML on the wording of the survey and the plan is to carry it out in the next couple of weeks.

That is it for this month.  Good golfing, and please mend pitch marks when you see them.  At this time of the year, with the sun low in the sky, they become very noticeable.  I was playing one afternoon at the end of October and on the 7th green I mended nine pitch marks.