Whatever standard of golfer you are, from handicap club golfer to touring professional, we have the knowledge and ability to help you improve your equipment. Thus producing better results on the course. Much of our club fitting works hand in hand with a player’s coach to fully understand their existing technique and how it will develop alongside the equipment.

There is nothing to compare to custom tailoring. The same is true for golf clubs. The benefits are even more spectacular because of the resulting performance when you own a custom tailored set of clubs, or a driver fully suited to you. This isn’t just a quick measurement of your height or arm length. It is infinitely more precise in evaluating your total approach to the game, playing abilities, swing technique and physical attributes. At Windlesham Custom Studio, fitting involves a complete assessment by a professional tour fitter, using state-of-the-art technology when necessary to create a complete profile of your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have been evaluated, this information is used to select components which will tighten your shot dispersion, increase distance and improve consistency. Most are aware that the golf clubs displayed at golf shops are built to standardised specifications. However, if the customer doesn’t fit those specs, the equipment won’t fit the customer. Without the proper club fit, no golfer can expect to reach optimal performance. When you own a custom tailored set of clubs you will maximize your performance, lower your scores and enjoy an increased level of confidence.

Before you make another golf club investment, consider an evaluation by Windlesham Custom Studio from a trained and experienced club fitter. An investment worth every penny.

Services include;

• Club fitting
• Outdoor fitting
• Specialist wedges
• Club building
• Shaft upgrades
• New equipment
• Loft and lie adjustment
• Upgrade existing equipment
• Ball flight analysis
• Stamping
• Re-gripping
• Grinding
• Equipment recommendation
• Club repairs