At the Turkey Trot each year a reserved parking space next to the clubhouse is offered at auction; with the proceeds going to the Junior Scholarship Programme.

The current holder of the space is John Burton (pictured above).

This year we have decided to split the reservation into two parts:

Lot 1: Weekends and bank holidays; and

Lot 2: Weekdays, excl bank holidays

The auction will take place in the Orangery after lunch on Sunday 3 December; no earlier than 2:30pm.  Members that may be interested, but not participating in the Turkey Trot, would be welcome to attend and bid.

We shall also accept email bids provided that they are received by the Club Captain by 5pm Friday 1 December on his personal email address (in order to maintain bid confidentiality).  That email address is:

Please note that it is a letter “l” for London after the “m”, not a number 1 (one)!!

Please make sure that you state whether the bid is for Lot 1 or Lot 2.  The winning bids may be settled by credit card.

Kind regards,

Graham Robertson

Club Captain 2017/18