After an introduction from Tony Trueman, it was noted that the last Course Forum was in February 2016. Since then, much has changed on the course and within the Agronomy team. Still, the aim is the same, to be top of the first division.

With vast changes to accessibility and drainage over the winter period, we enter the playing season with much to discuss. A buggy pathway system now allows access to the first 6 holes, with a further connection soon to deliver a fully accessible front 9 to buggy and trolley users.

Leigh spoke about how he and his team tackled new projects such as woodland management, aeration programme, car park hedges, and ecology work.

Other noticeable changes included the swap from blocked to striped fairways and the changes to shapes in playing surfaces and tee box shapes.

A few questions were raised with regards to the new 4-tee system, which will implement a blue tee as a shorter option in playing the course. Another point was raised about the quality of the new pathway system, with a response that “once the pathway has a full route through the course, we will look to improve the surface”.

The dog policy was a big point of discussion, where the idea was raised on whether dogs would be allowed on the course. After being raised to the Main Committee, the policy was created to allow dogs on the public footpaths and on the terrace, but not the golf course.

Plans for the 2017/18 season include the continuation of the buggy pathway, ditch clearing, increased course marshalling and bunker reconstruction.

Thank you to those who attended the Course Forum on Tuesday night, we hope it was a useful insight into the hard work Leigh and the team have put into the course over the winter period.

Your thoughts and insights during the Q&A have provided much to consider and discuss over the next few months.

The presentation can be downloaded by clicking here.

The date for the next Course Forum is 30th August 2017.