Many of you may have read about The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) recommendations for the introduction of “club handicaps”.

WGML together with the main committee of Windlesham Golf Club believe that CONGU’s recommendations, whilst not compulsory, will improve inclusiveness and accessibility to golf, especially for players who are either new to the game or players who are unable to play to a maximum CONGU handicap. WGML and the main committee of Windlesham Golf Club therefore support the recommendations.

We will therefore be introducing “club handicaps” at Windlesham Golf Club and this note outlines how they will operate.

The current CONGU handicap maximums are 28.0 for men and 36.0 for women. Club handicaps are an extension of handicapping to 36.0 for men and 54.0 for ladies. WGC already operates club handicaps in the juniors section.

Any golfer would have only one CDH (central database of handicaps) number and therefore only one handicap – either a CONGU handicap (competition or non-competition) or a club handicap.

Club handicaps would range from 28.1 to 36.0 for men and from 36.1 to 54.0 for women. Any golfer that already has a CONGU handicap and is eligible for a club handicap (men with a handicap of 28, ladies with a handicap of 36) will have the choice to remain with the CONGU handicap or take a club handicap. Members with this opportunity will have the choice to accept maximum current competition handicap (28.0 for men or 36.0 for women) or to take the appropriately calculated club handicap, but members can only have one playing handicap. Members who have a handicap of 28 (men) or 36 (ladies), will be contacted in due to course by Tiku Patel (Men), Ian Greenaway (Highwaymen) and Lynn Lambert (Ladies) to discuss the option to maintain their current CONGU handicap or take a club handicap.

Similarly, where applicable a new golfer at Windlesham will have the option to take a CONGU handicap or club handicap.

Club Handicaps will be implemented from 1st October 2016.

Members with club handicaps would be eligible to play in competitions as set out below:

  • Not eligible for club championships
  • Eligible for club knock out competitions but to play with a maximum handicap of 28 for men and 36 for ladies
  • Eligible to play in other competitions & events (e.g. stablefords, medals, club events such as Captains Day etc.) according to the entry conditions regarding fees and prizes set out in the detailed implementation document via the link below and posted in the locker rooms
  • Eligible to play in the Friday roll up but not eligible for prizes and no entry fee payable
  • Mixed events will be considered on an event by event basis but with the following principles to apply:
    • Mixed team events where the team score determines the outcome, and there are no individual results or prizes e.g., Turkey Trot, Monte Carlo, etc., then typically club handicappers would be eligible to play but with a maximum of one per team, and would be eligible for prizes
    • Mixed singles events e.g. mixed stablefords, Anniversary Bowl etc., then typically club handicappers would be eligible to play but would not be charged an entry fee and not be eligible for prizes
    • A detailed list identifying each event and the appropriate conditions for play for club handicappers will be drawn up and agreed by the committee

The Men’s section will create a new Division 3 for club handicap golfers. Men’s Division 3 club handicap golfers will not be charged competition entry fees and competition entrants will not receive prize money.

The Ladies section will recast its categorisation of Division 3 to include handicaps of 33 and up to 54.0 (i.e. including club handicaps).

The Highwaymen will be looking to implement club handicaps within their system of handicapping.

Juniors will continue to be managed by the Academy as they currently are (which includes club handicaps).

Please click on this link to read more details about the implementation of Club Handicaps at Windlesham Golf Club.  A more detailed communication is also available on the notice boards in both the ladies and men’s locker rooms.

If you have any questions about club handicaps and their implementation at Windlesham Golf Club, please contact Tiku Patel, Ian Greenaway or Lynn Lambert.

A more detailed document regarding Club Handicaps can be viewed here.